The team behind Flair

We are a collection of techies who like to stay fit and personal trainers who like technology. And in 2014 we came together to create TRAIN ME Fitness Limited.

Our mission is to create the best technology platform for gyms, personal trainers and their clients. To do so, we will only use trusted, science based information and techniques to help you achieve your goals and those of your clients.

We all love to hear from you, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with whatever thoughts you have about Flair.


Our team combines various backgrounds and talents but what connects us all is our love for fitness

About Flair for Fitness

Flair was conceived during our time at the Technogym-sponsored H-Farm Wellness Accelerator in 2016 amidst the breathtaking backdrop of Venice, powered by countless, stimulating conversations on regulation, objectivity, accountability, quality, personality, signalling theory, voting theory, machine learning and more. 

Flair is the product of a true symbiosis between the worlds of technology-enthusiastic fitness experts and fitness-enthusiastic technology experts. It is a testament to the revolution that is brewing within a young and unregulated fitness industry that we found our common ground in the methods of evidence-based science and the belief in the importance of education. 

The core of Flair is a score™ that is assigned to personal trainers based on their education, experience and feedback they receive from their clients after training sessions. These elements are aggregated into a single number, the Flair score™, which is displayed in a visually intuitive way that can be easily understood and trusted by PTs and clients alike.

To us this approach is a lifestyle choice hence the name Flair which implies a particular outlook - aspirational, inspirational - and we try our best everyday to work and live by it!

Flair for Fitness is a platform designed to: